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'Chosen' defies conventions to create a rare world - jewelry enfolded in pure charm and fine luxury. Inspired by women who dazzle with
their finesse, essence and strength, each Chosen piece oozes individuality. Suffice it to say, the stunning designs speak for themselves.

gold jewelry

Stories of heritage and enduring traditions that are pure as gold, worn with elegance by the woman of today

diamond jewelry

Stunning craft meets finely-engineered diamonds to create pieces so exquisite that the shine lasts till eternity

polki jewelry

Blending traditional and modern, this cut-to-perfection Polki jewelry is a statement unto itself. Elaborate, intricate and detailed.


A man on a mission, the ambitious and dedicated Ranka is the driving force behind the concept of Chosen. He carries the Ranka legacy on his able shoulders and surges ahead with an undeterred aim of providing great value to customers by crafting jewelry that's unique, exquisite and dazzling. His vision is to craft jewellery that's unique, exquisite and nothing short of a dazzling masterpiece.

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Prepare to be left spellbound at our luxurious lounge area, where every piece of interior is an art in itself, waiting to be experienced.


Chosen is by you and crafted only for you. Every piece of jewelry is a reflection of your personality and embodies your emotions to incredible perfection.


Get ready to be surprised as the ambience and the mystic surroundings at Chosen engulf you and transfer you from the mundane to the enchanted.


Indulge in your choice of masterpiece and revel in the beauty.

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