Brand Story

In the quiet town of Pune, a solitary jeweller opened his first 150 square feet store in 1879 based on conviction in his craftsmanship and artistry. This was the start of the Ranka vision built on tradition, trust and uncompromising quality. Time and talent proved allies as his legacy endured over 141 years, 12 stores, and enveloped many generations into its fold. They carved a niche for designs that were the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary flair—the Ranka signature.
It was the sixth generation that added another chapter to this family tale by making the leap into the luxury segment with Mr Tejpal Ranka, son of Mr Pukhraj Ranka, introducing the uber niche brand ‘Chosen by Tejpal Ranka. Crafted by passion, ‘Chosen tells a tale of timeless aesthetics woven into boundless creativity with an instinctive understanding of diamonds and gemstones. This is the brand for women who aren’t afraid to stand apart, who revel under the spotlight and are willing to shape their own story, and what better way to celebrate them than ‘Chosen.
With ‘Chosen, each piece narrates a story of inspiration and exquisite craftsmanship, who imbibes the philosophy that beauty is subtle and timeless. The diamonds are flawless, willing only to share their glory with the vibrant hues of precious gemstones that dance in the artistic designs enveloped in pure gold. Here is an ode to joy, to the happiness that life offers captured forever in ‘Chosen’s designs.

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High Jewellery

An ode to magnificence, stunning gemstones and diamonds come together in a magical symphony of boundless creativity and expert craftsmanship. The designs are a delicate balance of classic and modern aesthetics

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