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Stepping into ‘Chosen’s atelier is a chance to watch a legacy artist at work whose medium of choice is precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. Under the watchful guidance of Tejpal Ranka, craftsmen who have worked for years with the brand and have their own area of speciality, meticulously mould and set the gemologist's vision. Floral motifs burst with vivid hues revealing nature’s beauty while the sinuous curves of art deco styles flow along an enchanting play of light from the brilliance of diamonds. Each collection is a narrative of passion and craftsmanship, where cutting edge technology walks hand-in-hand with handcrafting to create each visionary piece. Every diamond and gemstone is ‘chosen for its magnificence and woven into designs that are lightweight.

Founder's note

One of a kind, just like you.

Growing up in a jewellers family, I was captivated by the beauty of diamonds and wanted to create designs that reflect their uniqueness and brilliance,this allure is what led me to join the business. While the family legacy taught me the value of trust, loyalty and transparency, my passion pushed me to explore the limits of creativity and craftsmanship to build a niche that would stand the test of time and be synonymous with elegance, starting a new chapter in the family’s history. A place where craftsmanship and design reign supreme and every creation is as exquisite as it is unique. Where trends lay on the wayside and creations transcend the barriers of time. This is ‘Chosen, the home for exquisite diamonds and precious creations for the discerning few.

Tejpal Ranka

Awards & Achievements

Appreciation, from clients and the media, is no stranger to the brand that has often caught the attention of connoisseurs. ‘Chosen’s bespoke experiential lounge which reflects the grandeur of the jewellery was recently awarded the Indian Jewellers India’s Coolest Store Award in 2018. The first award is always special, especially when it’s from industry insiders. Tejpal Ranka also has several awards to his name including the Guinness World Record for most expensive shirt in February 2013 crafted entirely in gold.

FURA Retail Jeweller India Awards 2022

The Retail Jeweller India Awards is a recognition platform for the leading jewellery houses across India.Chosen by Tejpal Ranka has proudly won the award in the category of Bridal Statement Jewellery. It is an honor for us to be bestowed with this prestigious award.We’re extremely grateful to our loyal clients for all their love and support.

Making of one of the world's
most expensive dinner sets

The one-of-a-kind 22K gold dinnerware set comprising plates, bowls, side plates, spoons, forks, and glasses, was conceptualised for royalty and was meticulously handcrafted. Every edge was honed to perfection, polished to brilliance, and each stem of the floral trellis was gently chiselled to breathe life into Tejpal Ranka’s grand vision. The end result is a visual treat like no other.