An ode to magnificence, stunning gemstones, and diamonds come together in a magical symphony of boundless creativity and expert craftsmanship. The designs are a delicate balance of classic and modern aesthetics.

Modern Uncuts

Inspired by the Mughals and perfected in India, the royal art of uncut is a classic interplay of gemstones embedded in gold and brushed with a hint of modernity to appeal to the connoisseur of today.

Eternal Diamonds

The age-old love story takes a new turn with the radiance of diamonds set by the mastery of ‘Chosen’s design. Inspired by and named after Asteria, daughter of the stars, each design holds within it a special spark that lights up everything it touches. This is a tribute to the stars that share their light with the world, brilliant and unique, delicately set in ethereal designs.

Gold Grandeur

Ornate motifs and sculptures from the ancient temple sites of India are reimagined by talented craftsmen in gold and precious stones, making jewellery worthy of goddesses.

Pret Collection

Sparking joy in the everyday with treasures that talk to your heart, our pret line reinterprets notions of how and when jewellery is to be worn with a collection that spells discreet luxury.


Love is eternal, just like the diamonds and precious stones that express your commitment and the desire to be stronger together. Let their radiance light up your life as you choose to be one, intertwined forevermore. Whimsical enough to capture the joy of love and classic to stand through eternity, this ‘Chosen collection is made for happily-ever-afters.